8 travel destinations that you cannot miss when visiting Phu Yen – Part 1


Summer is coming! You must be really excited and eager to go on some amazing trips, explore new lands and experience interesting things. The “Nau” land – Phu Yen in the central part of Vietnam which is filled with sun and wind and vast blue sea could be an ideal option for tourists to revel in the energetic, refreshing and joyful summer with pleasing attractions. Let’s go through 8 tourist attractions with Phu Yen Tours that you should not miss in the Phu Yen’s journey.

 1. Da Dia Reef

Da Dia Reef is an astonishing and exotic natural wonder located in An Ninh Dong Village, Tuy An District. It is about 40 kilometers from the city center Tuy Hoa. Tourists will be captivated by the fascinating Da Dia Reef stretched over 200 kilometers along the coast.


A fanciful Da Dia Reef in the dawn


Spectacular beauty of Da Dia Reef that surprises you


Da Dia Reef was formed from the hot lava flowed into the sea and frozen when it met the cold ocean currents. That created pillars, rocks stacked onto each other and tied together like exotic dishes.

 Ganh da dia - Phu yen17

The mysterious dark color of the rocks hypnotize any tourists and photographers


Da Dia Reef – The renowned attraction of Phu Yen


With mystical black, Da Dia Reef will take you to an untouched, bizarre but also dreamy and romantic nature. During the Phu Yen journey, Da Dia Reef absolutely bring you the best moments with the nature of the Nau land – Phu Yen.


2. O Loan Lagoon

 O Loan Lagoon is the brackish lagoon located in the east of Phu Yen Province, next to the National Highway 1A, Tuy An District. It is approximately 22 kilometers apart from Tuy Hoa city. O Loan Lagoon covers a total area of 17,5 kilometer squares, has a depth of 1,2-1,4 meter and is surrounded by the Cam mountain, Dong Chay mountain and An Hai island.


O Loan Lagoon welcome the first arrays of the sun


The pristine and serene beauty of O Loan Lagoon will make your heart skip a beat


From Quan Cau pass, you will have a panoramic view of O Loan Lagoon. It looks like a swan opening it wings and preparing to fly to the clear blue sky. In the moment of sunrise or sunset, O Loan Lagoon always possesses a stunning look that is harmonized to the sparkling and brilliant scenery of the landscape and the sky. That beauty has been dazzling many tourists who has ever come to Phu Yen.


 3. Nhan Mountain

Nhan Mountain, also known as Bao Thap Mountain or Thap Dinh Mountain, is situated in the middle of Tuy Hoa Delta. The mountain is about 64 meters high from the sea level, the circumference around the mountain is about 1000 meters.


Looking at the lyrical Nhan Mountain from Da Rang River


While conquering the Nhan Mountain in the Phu Yen journey, tourists can also visit the antique relic of the Cham people – the ancient Nhan mountain built in from the eleventh century with a distinctive and impressive architecture and the subtle, sophisticated patterns.


The mighty Nhan Mountain has existed more than 800 years on the Nhan mountain


From the top of the Nhan mountain, tourists will also enjoy the cool breezes that dispel the hotness of the scorching summer sun. You will be immersed in the verdure of the nature, you can discover Ham Rong cave and admire the whole view of the young Tuy Hoa city with the vast rice paddles and the immense sea.


Nhan mountain-Da river: the symbol of the Nau land Phu Yen


Together with the gentle Da Rang river flow,  the Nhan mountain has been close-knit with the city Tuy Hoa-Phu Yen though all the landmarks, the ups and downs of the time. It deserves to be the symbol of the Nau land Phu Yen.


4. Vuc Phun

Vuc Phun is located in the middle the forest, deep inside the Da Den Mountain range in the region of Tay Hoa District. Vuc Phun was formed by a part of the upstream of Banh Lai River. The flow creeps through the reefs and pour into a lower land.


The flow of Banh Lai River crept through the reefs


Vuc Phun owns a thrilling charisma of an imposing, magnificent but also poetic and lyrical white waterfall. In the middle of the Da Den Mountain area, Vuc Phun becomes a highlight, a glamor for the locals and tourists in Phu Yen.


Vuc Phun has an imposing white waterfall


Coming to visit Vuc Phun, tourists definitely an interesting journey with amazing experiences and attractive activities for tourists in this summer! You should be ready to visit Vuc Phun, explore the pristine jungle, discover the high and steep rocks, admire the white flow and enjoy the cool water in the eventful summer.  




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