Being enthralled by a pleasant relish of the O Loan blood cockles

Visiting O Loan Lagoon, tourists not only take pleasure from the enchanting beauty of the immense water flow, the sparkling and fanciful scenery but also can savor the most excellent specialty of Phu Yen land! Let’s follow Phu Yen Tours to O Loan Lagoon and try the distinctive blood cockles with a pleasing smell and intense flavor that nowhere else can have.


O Loan Lagoon is a brackish water lagoon located in the east of National Highway 1A and surrounded by Dong Chay Mountain, Cam Mountain and An Hai Islet, Chi Thanh hamlet, Tuy An district, Phu Yen Province. It is about 25 kilometers apart from Tuy Hoa city. O Loan Lagoon has a total area of 17,5 kilometer squares with a depth ranging from 1,2 meters to 1,4 meters. However, the Lagoon can be deeper and up to 3 meters during the rainy season.



One corner of the Lagoon is embraced by the mountain range


From the centre of Tuy Hoa city, tourists can follow the National Highway 1A to the north, then turn to a small road on your right side after passing Quan Cau mountain pass. O Loan Lagoon is the national landmark. It possess a fascinating but also lyrical and romantic allurement of the nature. Visiting O Loan Lagoon, tourists of Phu Yen tour definitely revel in the unusually peaceful scenic of the nature harmonization.


O Loan Lagoon looks like a giant mirror that reflects clouds, the sky and Phu Yen natural scenery. Traveling to O Loan Lagoon, tourist can freely let your soul flowing with the nature and immerse in the calmest and peaceful moments in the rustic, simple countryside.



Welcome the dawn moment at O Loan Lagoon


O Loan Lagoon is also a brilliant rendezvous for tourists to admire the glamor of the beaming dawn and shimmering twilight. At dawn, the sun looks like an egg yolk reflecting on the Lagoon’s surface. The water flow is also sparkling because of sunshine and no words can describe all how amazing this scenery is.


At twilight, the sky is covered with a new mantle, which has the light pink and bright red mixed together. The whole space becomes luminous and magical. Sunset comes and carries the cool breezes which will blow all of your tiredness and refresh your feelings.



The artistic, poetic and gleaming natural scenery at O Loan Lagoon


Besides, O Loan Lagoon also provides the diverse seafood resource for the locals, for example: prawns, fishes, crabs, jellyfishes, oysters, scallops, and so on. But the best-known specialty among those is the blood cockle.



A part of O Loan Lagoon is used for farming cockles, prawns and fishes


The cockles at O Loan Lagoon appears all the time throughout the year and it is not difficult to catch as well. You can easily see somewhere in the Lagoon, there are many locals wading in the water and groping for cockles. You can follow the fishermen boats to the lagoon to try groping for cockles as well.


They immerse themselves in the lagoon water, search for the cockles and put them in a plastic basin. Those simple and rustic images associate with the locals here years by years. In the recent year, the people here are also allowed to farm the cockle breeding stock to bring a stable and sustainable source of income for the fishermen of this land.



Tourists try groping for cockles with the fishermen



A fresh cockle basin


Unlike other region, O Loan blood cockles in a beneficial condition, where fresh and salty water harmonize. They have a various source of food from microalgae and they are freely reproduced and developed. Thus, O Loan cockle has a beautiful red inside, white-gray shell, larger size, thicker tissues, more blood, sweeter and richer flavor. Due to the quintessence of ideal conditions in O Loan Lagoon, the blood cockles here have the best flavor that no other places can surpass.



O Loan cockles have big size and thick muscle



Tempting fragrance of grilled cockles


The blood cockles are cooked into many yummy dishes: grilled cockles with Vietnamese scallion oil (sò huyết nướng mỡ hành), Fried cockles with tamarind sauce (sò huyết sốt me), fried cockles with chili powder and salt (sò huyết rang muối ớt), cockle congee (cháo sò huyết). And the fried cockles with chili powder and salt is commonly cooked for the locals’ meals and usually served Phu Yen tourists.



Ecstatic aroma and intense flavor of fried cockles with tamarind sauce



Another seafood of O Loan Lagoon is being grilled with scallion oil


The grilled cockles have a pleasant smell and emit everywhere, fleshy and sweet flavor mixed with salt and spicy chilies that create a delectable relish. Surrounding by an endless, gentle and serene scenery of O Loan Lagoon but also tourists can have a chance to try this wonderful cockles. That definitely is a memorable and exciting moment.



Enjoying the renowned O Loan cockles in a peaceful scenic together


O Loan Lagoon blood cockles is the best known specialty of Phu Yen. During the Phu Yen journey, if tourists can taste this O Loan blood cockles, you would be captivated and memorize forever this featured rich flavor.  




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