Fill your day with rapture on Mui Dien Cape



Mui Dien Cape (Dai Lanh Cape) is a familiar landmark to the Nau people as well as people who love traveling around Vietnam. Mui Dien Cape is a surprising scenic located in Hoa Tam Commune, Dong Hoa District, Phu Yen Province. This is an exotically interesting stop for itchy feet.  


Sea wind, crystal clear blue sea, and an open air are all waiting for you at Mui Dien Cape


35 kilometers from Tuy Hoa city is not a far distance, but it is a matter for some people because of the scorching sun of the coastal land in the summertime. However, you will step in a completely different world if you get through that challenge to set feet on the Mui Dien Cape. Leaving the arid and flaming sunshine of the city behind, you will be surrounded by the cool sea breezes, appealing turquoise seawater. You will also experience the feeling of getting the whole Mui Dien Cape in your arms when climbing on the top of the mighty Lighthouse, or conquering the easternmost of Vietnam’s mainland. You will receive the welcome feeling, the hospitality, friendliness and smiles always appears on the local’s face.


The imposing Lighthouse in Mui Dien Cape


The place is also known as Dai Lanh Cape, Nay Cape or Cap Varella. This is a spur of the Truong Son mountain range that stretches to the sea and also the farthest point in the East of Vietnam. The Cape was first discovered in the end of 19th century by a French named Varella. He marked this place as an important position on the Vietnamese maritime map. In 1890, the French constructed a lighthouse on the peak of Mui Dien Cape. However, the Lighthouse was inactive until 1995 because of the historical matters. In 1995, the Vietnamese government rebuilt the Lighthouse and it was officially in operation. It was built by stone with 26,5 meters high. The entire height from the top of the Lighthouse to the sea level is 110 meters. This is one of 45 national lighthouses with the metering radius of 27 nautical miles.



Mui Dien Cape together with other beautiful landmarks near it, including Mon beach, Vung Ro Bay are all excellent destinations that beckon many tourists. If you visit here, the first thing should be done is walking on the rock road along the curve of the flank to reach the Mui Dien Cape. After that, you can climb on the Lighthouse and get a panoramic view of turquoise seawater, each undulating wave rolled onto eye-catching yellow sand. If you stay here for one night, watching first rays of the sun on the easternmost of the mainland would be a brilliant idea.



Mui Dien Cape not only have the historical value but it is also a wonderful recreation


After winding up at Mui Dien Cape, you can continue the journey by immersing in the cool blue sea at Mon beach scenic and perceiving the purity in the atmosphere right below the Lighthouse. From Mon beach, you can catch a sight of the soaring Lighthouse, giant cliffs stacked each other erectly like masterpieces. Visiting Mui Dien Cape, tourists can also check in the well-known historical relic, Ho Chi Minh Trail On Sea. During the Vietnam War against America, the cruise shipping weapons to support the South Vietnam, which included 4 ships and carried 143 heroes, allotted at Vung Ro Bay.

This incident was one of the great anthems of Ho Chi Minh Trail On Sea. Go along the path toward Vung Ro Wharf, you will encounter an intersection which directs to National Highway 1A on Deo Ca mountain in the North to go back to Tuy Hoa city. On this path, the turquoise color is replaced with the vigorous greenery of trees, grasslands, mountains and young rice plants which have just been sown.


A suitable place to travel with family and friends


You will definitely have an amazing day with many activities: harmonizing with the nature, conquering the peak of the Lighthouse, or checking in the farthest point in the East Vietnam at the Monument, understanding more about the history of this hero land.




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