Guidance for traveling Phu Yen in one day


To have a truly full and meaningful tour, traveling tips and experiences about, for example: reasonable times to depart, what to eat, where to go, how to transport and by which means and accommodations information are undoubtedly essential. For travelers who are heading to or think of visiting Phu Yen, Phu Yen Tours is honor to share with you several tips and we hope they will make your trip more interesting.



Da Rang Bridge in Phu Yen used to be known as the longest bridge in Vietnam


Phu Yen is a coastal province on Vietnam’s south-central coast. Phu Yen locates in the central part of Vietnam, which is 1,160 kilometers apart from Ha Noi to the north and 561 kilometers apart from Ho Chi Minh city to the south followed the National Highway 1A. The nature in Phu Yen looks like a pristine but also exquisite picture bestowed by the Creator.


Appropriate time for the Phu Yen tour


Phu Yen’s climate is tropical monsoon climate, which is hot, humid, influenced by the ocean and has two distinguishing seasons: rainy season (from September to December) and sunny (or dry) season (from January to August). Usually, tourists are recommended to travel Phu Yen during the sunny season since it is more convenient for transportations, in movements, sightseeing and traveling. Also, there are lots of festivals happening in Phu Yen during the dry season.



A fishing village in Phu Yen on a sunny day in the summer


Get in Phu Yen


There are many choices for tourists to go to Phu Yen, for example: by train, airplane or coach.

Coach: it depends on which brand you choose, the prices for a ticket can be ranged from 250,000 to 300,000 VND.


Cho thue xe du lich Phú Yên 45 chỗ

Traveling to Phu Yen by coach


Flight: If you depart from either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to Phu Yen, it will cost you approximately 1,550,000 VND/per ticket. However, you can only arrive at Tuy Hoa (1 kilometer apart from the city centre) and you have to take a bus or taxi to go to the city center.


or choose airplane for faster mean


Train: The train arrives at Tuy Hoa train station and you also have various choices when considering this mean. Depending on the train, time slot, type of train, seat, the fare varies according to that.

 Tau lua Phu Yen - SE1


Transportations to get around Phu Yen

When you arrive to Phu Yen, you can either go by buses, taxi or motorbikes for sightseeing and traveling. However, if you want to be flexible in time and locations, we suggest that you should go by motorbikes. Traveling by motorbikes, you not only go where or when you want, but you can also save many expenses. The price for hiring a motorbike ranges from 80,000 to 120,000 VND depended on types of the motorbikes. When hiring motorbikes, tourists need to pay a deposit first and leave your identity cards to guarantee.


Hiring a motorbike for traveling around Phu Yen


Booking rooms for accommodation


There are many resorts, hotels and hostels that are close to the beaches so tourists have many choices, from “first class” to “economy class”. The prices can be varies from 100,000 to 300,000 VND depended on types of room.


Where to go?


Tourism in Phu Yen is being awakened rapidly and seize an important role in the developing process of Phu Yen Province. Because many magnificent natural landscapes are being figured out and blossoming. Phu Yen is endowed with diverse and almost all kinds of natural sceneries: from mountains, highlands, delta, to rivers, lagoons, lakes, capes, islands, islets and so on.


Da Dia Reef-the special masterpiece of the nature in the world is in Phu Yen


Da Dia Reef is considered as one of the most beautiful reefs in the world. The prismatic rocks are stacked on each other in order like they were built by meticulous hands of the Creator. According to scientific explanations, the shape of Da Dia Reef was formed by the activity of volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The molten lava fluid met the cold ocean. As the lava cooled, contraction and fracturing occurred and started in a blocky tetragonal pattern and transitioned to multidimensional polygonal rocks todays.


Da Dia Reef from a view above. It looks like being ordered by someone’s hands


O Loan Lagoon is one of the national scenic. The Lagoon is known with a famous folk tale about one fairy met and fell in love with a normal man during her trip to the earth. O Loan Lagoon is best-known for its variety of seafood, especially the supreme blood cockles. In addition, the boat racing festival held on O Loan Lagoon, which is on 7/1 according to lunar calendar, is also an interesting festival. The purpose of this festival is to pray for a peaceful year and calm sea so that the locals can fish more to earn for their livings.


There is a beauty called O Loan Lagoon


Tourists can also visit Nhan Tower. Nhan Tower is one of the towers of Cham people on Nhan Mountain. It is a touristic symbol of Tuy Hoa – the capital of Phu Yen Province. The Tower was built by the Cham people lived in the basin of the Ba River delta around the 12th century. The Nhan Tower is located on Nhan Mountain and reflects on the vigorous Da Rang (Ba) River, which creates a lyrical and charming Shan Shui painting: Nhan Mountain and Da River (Nui Nhan-Song Da in Vietnamese)


The fanciful Nhan Tower in the light of sunset


If you want to have distinctive and marvelous photos captured on the sunshine background, we recommend you to visit Dai Lanh Cape. This is a spur of the Truong Son mountain range that stretches to the sea and also the farthest point in the East of Vietnam. Before, it was named after a French who discovered it, Cap Varella. The most interesting fact about Dai Lanh Cape is that it looks like a mountain but also like an island. Watching sunrise on Dai Lanh Cape is a remarkable experience that tourists should not miss!


The mighty Lighthouse on Dai Lanh Cape in the light of sunrise


Besides, here are several destinations that tourists can visits: Da Bia Mountain, national historical site Vung Ro, Xuan Dai Bay and so on. Those places will give you unforgettable experiences.


What to eat?


During a trip to one place, cuisine is something that you cannot forget to mention. Especially, in Phu Yen, the cuisine is characterized the natural flavors of forest and sea.


Dry beef or “one-sunny-day beef” (Bò một nắng). The reason why this dish possesses a special name like that is because it is made from the rib eye or beef tenderloin marinated with spices like: salts, peppers, chilies, sugar, MSG and they are dried under sun for 1 day. The special fact about this dish is that it is used with the weaver ant salt (muối kiến vàng), a special salt made from weaver ants in the forest. The ants are fried and mixed with other spices to create a unique kind of salt.


Dried beef is used with weaver ant salt – a distinctive dish


Phu Yen is close to the ocean and so the specialties from Phu Yen are mainly related to the sea. The O Loan blood cockles are appealing from the fleshes and they are cooked into many dishes like: grilled with garlics, fried with tamarind, steaming, making with Vietnamese salads and so on. Among those, the grilled blood cockles with salt and chilies is the most delicious one.


O Loan cockles are rich of Phu Yen flavor


Food made from tunas such as Vietnamese tuna belly salad (gỏi bao tử cá ngừ), stewed tuna eyeball with sweet herbs (mắt cá ngừ tiềm thuốc bắc)…are also distinctive delicacies of Phu Yen that leave an impression for tourists because of their delectable tastes.


Vietnamese tuna belly salad


Besides, there are some rustic dishes that tourists should try as well at least once, such as oyster congee, bread noodles soup with garlic chives, Phu Yen chicken rice. Those dishes would make you want to come back to Phu Yen again.


Gifts to buy

Because Phu Yen is close to the sea, tourists can buy some souvenirs which are presents from the ocean for Phu Yen. There could be dried products from fresh seafood, “one-sunny-day” beef…or maybe snail’s shells with exotic shapes.




During the trip, you should notice problems concerning hiring motorbikes to avoid losing your properties. Also, as Phu Yen is becoming more famous in tourism, tourists also should pay attention to common cheats, especially for tourists on the “foreign land”.


Brilliant Hon Yen Islet under Phu Yen sky


With some useful shares above, Phu Yen Tours wishes tourists can have a full and truly perfect Phu Yen journey.




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