Mai Nha Islet


Mai Nha Islet is located in An Hai Commune, Tuy An District, Phu Yen. It is an isolate islet in the middle of the sea and 4 kilometers apart from O Loan Lagoon.


20 years ago, there were people living on this islet. However, because of the disadvantage of the location, which is really far away from the main land, the islet is still an unknown to many people and even it is a little bit unfamiliar to many locals. The islet has a total area of 1,2 kilometer squares and is surrounded by  high mountain ranges. There are many caves and idyllic beaches. Mai Nha islet is absolutely an interesting attraction for those who love untouched natural sceneries.



Mai Nha islet


The most ideal period to visit the islet is from March to August because the weather is nice, the sea is calm with quite quiet waves. There are only 2 households living on the islet currently, including: Mr. Ngo Van Thinh and Mr. Bien Van Xuong’s family with 5 people. They are all kind and hospitable owners. They raise cows, plant trees, hatch prawns for farming and go fishing to earn for living.


A big rock shore on the islet


Departing from a fishing wharf in An Ninh Dong Commune or Tien Chau fishing port (An Ninh Tay Commune, Tuy An District), the fishing vessels with 90-120CV engine power of the locals will take you to the islet. Each vessel can only carry the maximum of 50 people to the islet and back to the mainland in a day with the package price of 700,000 VND/tour. However, it is cheaper to depart from An Hai Commune with only 500,000 VND/tour because of the shorter voyage. A romantic world on the islet with green trees throughout 4 seasons.


Visiting the Mai Nha islet, tourists will have a feeling of being lost in an idyllic paradise with 4-season green trees filled with the bird’s funny symphony, the murmuring sound of waves and the bright smiles of the honest and friendly locals who stick to the islet for living. The front beach of the islet has a fine white sand and turquoise seawater. It is covered with coral reefs and moss. All of that make this place become an excellent location for picnicking or camping. In contrast, the rear beach has large rock shores, deep caves located near the brinks, which are almost dozen meters deep. It is really suitable for fishing. Around the islet, there are many live coral reefs, which promise to impress tourists love snorkeling or diving.


The front beach is a fine white sand


There is no electricity on the Mai Nha islet currently. There are only two fresh water wells, a small temple for worshipping the “God of the Islet and no other services included. Thus, when visiting the islet, tourists need to carry some snacks or food and beverages. If you decide to stay overnight on the islet, do remember to take a tent and blankets for sleeping.




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