Relishing in the cool verdure vegetable village Ngoc Lang

Phu Yen is endowed with a sky full of romance. During the journey to Phu Yen, people love to find a place like majestic Nhan Mountain and Da River, visit antique Cham Towers or admire the magical and mysterious glamor of Da Dia Reef. However, during the scorching sunny days of March, Phu Yen is more attractive with the vigorous greenness of Ngoc Lang vegetable village.



Ngoc Lang vegetable village is located in Binh Ngoc Commune, Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen. The name of the village already reveals a bit of how it looks like. People who have heard of the name will imagine of a spacious, peaceful and lush green space right away. And it is totally true. Tourists will admire a mellow sky with emerald-like vegetable beds there, in Ngoc Lang.


A mellow sky with luxuriant greenness of vegetable plots


Ngoc Lang vegetable fields are adjacent to the North-South road. Only sitting in the car and looking at the view outside, tourists have to exclaim in surprise. The image appears firstly in your eyes is an endless silky green painting. If you notice more, you will realize some white “non la” (Vietnamese traditional conical hat) turning up briefly sometimes or rainbows appearing when water is showered up on each plot. The scenery is simple but it has a strong appeal that make people desire to visit Phu Yen once.



The ultra-green of lettuce beds


Setting feet on this land, tourists would feel the lyricalness clearer. The spacious green area will blow your mind right away. Wandering around the fields early in the morning, you can also easily recognize shy dewdrops glistening on each leaf. The scenery looks like it might be faded away by only a bit loud sound. And sometimes, you may not realize that every movement of yours naturally becomes gentler.



The variety of vegetables on each plot


Ngoc Lang vegetable village has become an ideal destination for summer vacation because that is the time when the green vegetable beds cover the whole fields. There are various kinds of vegetables, from lettuce, salad, parsley, broccoli, onion, chili to lush corn beds. Greenness seems to occupy the whole land and brings people a feeling like they are on an ecological heaven.



The field boundary is filled with the lush corn beds


When the sun rises, Ngoc Lang land looks like being awakened as well. Everyone hustle to call each other to come to the field for taking care of the vegetables. The work happens continually: this plot has just been harvested, the next plot is being prepared for planting. Buds in that plots have just sprouted, vegetables in the other plots are nearly for cropping. Ngoc Lang vegetable field is green forever and humans keep working all the time. However, the pleasure and enthusiasm towards work always appear on their faces. They are happy when the final products after their hard-working time are consumed across the whole country.



The plot with growing buds


Traveling to Phu Yen and try once time to be a farmer on Ngoc Lang fields, you will absolutely cannot forget the soft and cool feeling in your hands when touching those tenuous leaf vegetables. You will understand more the daily life of the locals here and how hard they have to work and value their achievements more.



Smiles always appear on the farmers’ face on Ngoc Lang field


Wandering around the vegetable fields, human sentiment becomes calmer. Troubles or tiredness of life will fade away immediately and you will feel an inner peace. You can take a deep breath of the cool breezes to charge more energies.



The scenic atmosphere on the vegetable field early in the morning


Ngoc Lang is the destination that many people wish to explore during the Phu Yen trip maybe because of that. Visiting Ngoc Lang during March tours, tourists also have a chance to see the brilliant colorful flower gardens, witness all stages of the manufacturing of the traditional handicraft villages and learn more about the cultural treasure in Ngoc Lang Temple. Those are relics and vestiges remained from the old times, the rare and valuable evidences that their ancestors left.



Ngoc Lang Temple – a place keeping many relics of the locals’ ancestor


Overcoming many vicissitudes of time, Ngoc Lang still preserves completely the cultural heritages which are reflected the villages’ establisher, the spiritual life of Ngoc Lang people. Maintaining the ancient traces is the way to express their pride about the land where they were born and have been grown up, a mind towards their origin. Above all, this is also the dream of Ngoc Lang about a life is always full of join and happiness.



The turquoise sky and sea of Phu Yen


Apparently, the ancient and present features of Ngoc Lang vegetable village have contributed to create an appeal which cannot be refused to travelers all over. Coming here, relishing in the fresh air, admiring the eye – catching vegetable fields or contemplating in the space of the ancient writings to find a serene and calm moments to forget all the hustles and bustles of life.




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