Savoring the wonderful and luscious oyster congee at O Loan Lagoon

The oyster with a delicate flavor combined with an aroma of rice and other intensive spices will create a wonderful essence. It would be greater if you savor it right at O Loan Lagoon, Phu Yen, in the sweltering summer sun and after hard-working hours to harvest oysters.


The renowned O Loan lagoon is discerned by its composed and irenic scenery, which has appealed many tourists to come to espy. On the other hand, this rich and fertile land is not only heartily bestowed with the infatuated beauty but also plentiful of rare and valuable seafood. Consequently, O Loan Lagoon is also known for many tasty and appealing cuisine to diners. In this article, Phu Yen Tours will introduce you one superb dish of O Loan Lagoon-the excellent mellow and flavorful oyster congee.

The exotic peace at O Loan Lagoon



A lush and fertile O Loan


O Loan is one of the lagoons in Phu Yen, and also a typical national landmark of Vietnam. The lagoon is located in the south of Chi Thanh Village, Tuy An Commune, Phu Yen Province, and surrounded by Dong Chay mountain, Cam mountain and An Hai Islet. The place not only possesses a bewitched view of natural feature but also bounteous rare and valuable seafood, for example: grouper, blood clam, flower crab and so on.



Enchanted dawn on O Loan Lagoon



O Loan Lagoon is best-known for its mildness and tranquilness


O Loan oyster is an indispensable seafood that cannot be forgotten when traveling here. The oyster has an unpalatable appearance with rough, rock-hard and nearly-impossible to open shell, however, those are all confronted the high nutrition it can bring and its undoubtedly famished first taster in any kinds of cookery: stir-frying, making soup, grilling and especially making rice porridge. Let’s look through a short clip below to see how this distinctive O Loan oyster congee is made.



Oysters harvest in Vietnam


Oysters usually live on cliffs along the shores, estuaries, attach to rocks or rocky reefs. To harvest oyster, the locals here need to wear thick gloves to protect them from being injured because of the sharpness of oyster’s shells.



Oysters usually attach to the rocky reefs


People in O Loan Lagoon can harvest up to 4 or 5 kilograms oysters per day in average and at least 1 or two kilograms. Harvesting oyster seems to be easy but it does not at all. It is quite a hard and strenuous work when you have to immerse in the water or expose your body to the flaming and sweltering summer sun continually for hours.



Harvesting oysters is not an easy task


After figuring out those oysters on the rocky reefs, people continue to chip the oysters. The shell edge is quite sharp and so taking caution is a must for harvestmen. Finding and chipping oysters are too familiar to the locals here. However, if it is you first time to experience harvesting oysters, you would absolutely feel arduous. Fishermen here take much efforts to chip the oysters on rocky reefs.



Breaking the oyster’s shell to take the oyster inside is also difficult for first-time harvesters


After inspecting the sites where there re oysters and removing the oysters from the reefs, we need to break the hard, sharp and rough outer shell to take the chewy and sweet oyster meat inside.



Oysters are chewy, dedicate and sweet


Even though it is exhausted and effortful to find, catch and chip the oysters, we may only collect 200 grams edible oysters in 1 kilogram harvested.  


After soaking, oysters are marinated with some familiar Vietnamese spices, such as: seasoning powder, pepper, salt and so on. Then, oysters are slightly stirred on a pan with high heat. Because oysters are quite soft so we only stir slightly in few minutes, the oysters will be ready with a delectable aromatic fragrance. Congee is cooked normally. Rice is rinsed under pouring water, soaked through and placed in a rice cooker or a pot to stew until the rice has the thick, creamy texture of porridge. Finally, add the stirred oysters before in the congee and we can have an appetizing oyster congee.



No one can resist this delicious bowl of oyster congee


Add few cut scallion in the congee will increase the rich flavor of the famous Phu Yen oyster congee. With the simple and not special cookery compared to other types of congee, but the intense sweetness and toothy texture of O Loan oysters that create the distinctive feature for this dish.


The oyster’s delicate, toothy texture, rich flavor, and salty liquor with the fragrance of pepper and minced coriander, no need any complicated seasoning, the congee is still sweet and rich of seafood taste.


For everyone who made this video as well as fishermen here, they perceive all the sweetness of oysters because of all the efforts and perspiration that they excreted to make this food. Thus, we can understand more respect people’s labors who make this nutritious an excellent dish like this.




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