Sea and mountain – The two charming sights that color a wonderful Phu Yen painting


When you really have a crush on a travel destination, it means that the place truly appeals to tourists because of its charisma and special feelings that it brings to them. Phu Yen is an example. Phu Yen has become a destination that thousands people fall for it because of its exotic beauty. Phu Yen and the generous, hospitable locals and the harmonious painting of the sky and the mountains make it turn out to be the bloom that no words can describe.


The verdure of undulating mountains


If there is only the turquoise sea, it is hard to create an incredibly beautiful Phu Yen. There are also dots from the vigorous green to adorn that glamor. Phu Yen’s sea lies beside undulating green mountains, which looks like they are embracing the sea while the sea is always subservient and settles securely in Phu Yen mountains. The mountain is like the Mother, the brilliant green nature is protecting children. But sometimes, the sea will take that mightiness down with its glamour under the sun which welcome the young Phu Yen to a new day.



The astonishingly allurement of the sea and the mountains


Xuan Dai Bay is well-known for its beauty. However, without the sky and clouds covering, will it still remain the pristine but graceful charming like a sleeping beauty? Not only that, except the direction that is adjacent the sea, Xuan Dai Bay is almost surrounded by the verdure of mountains and forests.


Trees and rocks cram together which create cyan and dark green arrays interleaved and unfolded on the mountains. That makes Xuan Dai Bay become a lyrical natural painting which has the sea and the mountains. Tourists come here not only feel like dreaming but also being amazed of the pure appeal of the nature.



Xuan Dai Bay contributes to the harmonious green and blue of the sea and the mountains


Ca Pass or Da Bia Mountain embraces Vung Ro Bay – a destination that tourists cannot miss out when traveling to Phu Yen to fully perceive the whole beauty of the sea, the mountains and the forests here. The colors of mountains and forests here highlight the white fine sand, the calm and turquoise sea below and together harmonize with the dazzling sun of summer. Mountains and the sea in Phu Yen are always side by side and cannot be completely separated. And that beauty lasts forever.


When the sea and the mountains attune at one stare


Tourists also can find the greenness of mountain at one place. That is Van Hoa plateau. Visiting here, you will feel the prosperous beauty of this land. Van Hoa plateau is considered to be “Da Lat” of Phu Yen and the green color that makes a distinguishing appearance for Van Hoa, a really special Van Hoa. That is the lush green of grasses covered the whole plateau and the green of trees mixed with the blue sky in the white fog, which make the scenery become incredibly misty and magical.



The characteristic green of Van Hoa plateau


There is still one more way for tourists to perceive the amicable natural painting and the fascinating beauty of the sea and the mountains in Phu Yen is a journey to Nhan Mountain to admire Phu Yen’s sea. Nhan Mountain is described as the green lung in the heart of Tuy Hoa city and of the whole Phu Yen. The reason people name this mountain as Nhan because its appearance is quite similar to a tern opening wings to fly. Nhan Mountain features an imposing mountain which is covered with green trees and mighty among the sky and clouds.



Nhan Mountain-Da River: the symbol of Phu Yen’s natural painting


From the Nhan Tower on Nhan Mountain, tourists can have a look at Tuy Hoa city awaking early in the morning or becoming sparkling and charming when the lights are turned on or observe the endless green paddle fields. One more thing that tourists definitely would love to do is watching the sea from a far distance.



The fanciful Nhan Tower in the sun


The waves are sometimes gentle and murmurous but sometimes gushing and extreme. They crash onto the shore and fill the beach with white. From a far distance, you will see Phu Yen’s sea appear in many dimensions of blue and green arrays. As it is closer to the shore, the sea is light blue and somehow green. However, as far as it is from the shore, the sea looks calmer and has an intensive blue. Watching the sun rising from the sea’s surface is an interesting experience that tourists should not miss when climbing onto the Nhan Mountain.


Phu Yen land makes the flow of life become especially peaceful. The sea and the mountains in Phu Yen are gentle somehow but they are also imposing enough to give shelter this tranquil land. The sea and the mountains here make you feel like you are lost in a melodious and multidimensional land.



A view from the Ca Pass


Two colors which are the turquoise sea and the green mountains tune in and create a wonderful color that would blow any tourists. You will love Phu Yen because of the friendly locals, the various cuisines and the naturally beauty of this land.




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