So hot with the enchanting coast with many rocks and moss in Phu Yen


It seems that Phu Yen land has hardly “cooled” in the touristic community. After one trip, another new, appealing sight that no one cannot resist to visit once is discovered. Recently, the photos about a vigorous green moss paradise of a fishing village in Phu Yen have spread and covered most of the newspapers and internet. This has aroused curiosity of many tourists and so people pack their backpacks, head to Phu Yen to be immersed into a new world.


bãi đá rêu xóm rế

The extreme bewitchery of the moss rocks in Phu Yen


Places where there are rock shores covered with shining green mosses under the sun. That scenery is incredibly an eye-catching sight ever, the hottest spot among the hot destinations these days. It is located in Ro village, Phu Dong commune, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen Province. From the center of the city, tourists can go to Hung Vuong Bridge direction until you see a traffic light. Then, turn left and continue to go straight ahead for about hundreds meters and you will see the coast. Hence, it is not difficult to find out this magical land when you are already in Phu Yen.



The green moss rock shores are located in Ro village, Tuy Hoa city


This coast is originally a breakwater for coastal village in Tuy Hoa. It was built in order to prevent the rising sea from sliding the road, crawling further and absorbing into the mainland. After several months since the construction was completed, the concrete blocks and rocks placed on the breakwater and lied silently in the seawater have put on a new, unusual and eye-catching cloak. When the tide goes down, people easily see a brilliant scenery that awake many senses for the peaceful coastal village and lend much more romance to it.


xớm rớ phú yên

Being captivated by the green moss rock shore


Phu Yen is renowned for its beauty like a painting. There are many sights that appeal to tourists. However, the unique attraction that this breakwater in Ro village carries still has its own charisma. It brings you a gentle, comfortable feeling but will leave an unforgettable impression in your hearts. That not only happens to tourist, even the locals, especially young couples, young people and teenagers like to choose this breakwater as dating or meeting places after a long working and studying hours. The Ro village used to be covered with the waves’ sound but now it is livelier since there are always laughter resounding in the middle of the small, tranquil and warm land.


xớm rớ phú yên tours

and that creates a distinctive scenery


The breakwater is formed with square-shaped concrete blocks and hundreds of large and small rocks. Now, they are covered with a green moss carpet. The scene is stunning like it was shaped by the hands of the Creators without a contribution of human. This construction also has stairs, which can be easier for tourists in moving further to explore more and admire more as well as have best photos for your trips.



A part of the breakwater is built for the convenience in movement


Among the turquoise of the vast sea, the endless blue sky, a moss green picture appears in the center and no needs any drawings still casts a spell over anyone. Just wait until the tide goes out, when the rocks turn up, no matter it is splendid blue sky with clouds or crimson sunset, the travelers’ hearts still stir and skip a beat.



The lyrical and charming rock shores in Ro village


Even it has been spotlighted lately, the breakwater in Ro village has welcomed many visitors both new and old ones who are obsessed with the beauty that they want to come back over and over again. Therefore, to serve the best, especially tourists who are from far places, many roadside shops have grown as well. Tourists now visit this place are no long worried about there are no places to relax or rest. Moreover, tourists can learn more about the fishing village’s culture. Above all, you will entirely enjoy the moments to be harmonized in the beautiful spaces of the green moss rock shores.


xớm rớ đông tác phú yên tours

Get addicted to the pure “song” of the Nau land


Phu Yen has lots of attractive sights which would make tourists’ journey delighted with memories. From Da Dia Reef wonder to the turquoise Vung Ro, from untouched Mon beach to Dai Lanh Cape-a milestone mark cannot be ignored, from lush green paddle fields turn into yellow when they are nearly harvested to the red road toward the sacred Nhan Tower. All are hidden in secrets and wait for somebody to explore. It is not exaggerative when saying that anything that you are looking for, even the smallest one, you can find out in Phu Yen. Thus, do not miss a chance to discover and experience all the most appealing destinations during Phu Yen trip, including the breakwater in Ro village.



Phu Yen has also other charming sights – Da Dia Reef


By the simple but enchanting appearance, the breakwater in coastal village in Phu Yen suddenly become a paradise .




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