The ancient church Mang Lang – an antique of the old times

If you ever visited Phu Yen Province once, probably you could not forget the purified charisma of a poetic and lyrical scenery like a nature painting. The preference of the Nature along with human’s hands created for the Nau country land many scenic and magnificent architectures that last forever despite the unkind flow of time. There is one style of construction which has made an extreme impression for tourists with its antique glamour and should not be missed during Phu Yen journey. That is the ancient Mang Lang Church.



nha tho mang lang phu yen

The aged Mang Lang Church in the Nau country land


The ancient Mang Lang Church is located near Cai River in Tuy An Commune, Phu Yen Province. It is considered to be the oldest church in Vietnam. The antiquated Mang Lang Church was first built in 1892 with the extraordinary Gothic design.



The majestic ancient Mang Lang Church has endured through times


The Gothic design has impressed everyone since it was born because of the unique innovative concept. Gothic architecture is a style of architecture that flourished during the high and late medieval period. It was originated around 1200 B.C. Gothic design created a bit reminiscence of the antique art but still be inspired with a modern spirit. Gothic architecture has been most familiar as the architecture of many of the great cathedrals, abbeys and churches of Europe, especially it was greatly popular in the 18, 19th century.



Mang Lang cathedral with the architectural features of the Western style


The ancient Mang Lang is the typical Gothic construction in Vietnam. Surmounting the flow of time, Mang Lang Church still grandly stands there like a hundred-year old man who has witnessed all the changes of this land.


nha thờ Mằng Lăng-Tuy Hòa-Phú Yên-1

The space behind the Mang Lang cathedral


Referring to Mang Lang, you will hear the locals here telling a story happened more than 100 years ago. At that time, there was a kind of plant that had oval-shaped leaves, flowers growing in clusters and they had a brilliant purple-pink color when they blossomed. Their ancestors called it “Mang Lang”. The Church was named after this plant and the trace it left is the 1,5 meters diameter round table surface which was manipulated by Mang Lang wood.


nha tho mang lang phu yen 34

A powerful impression of Gothic design


nha tho mang lang phu yen 38

Distinguishing sculptures inside the Church


The impression at first sight that tourists would notice at this church is the magnificent and imposing cross with two church bell towers in both sides.

The Church nestles in a spacious and massive space with the total area of 5000 meters square surrounded by vigorous breadfruit plants. The lush greenness of trees mixed with the greyish color of the architecture creates a harmonious and peaceful scenery, appeals strongly to the emotions.


nha tho mang lang phu yen 6

Mang Lang church nestle in a lush green space


Among the marvelous space, tourists can easily realize a small exhibition basement designed inside a hill, where they keep the historical evidences of Mang Lang Church. Make a sightseeing trip through the entire room, tourists can see sculptural figures on the wall which are reproduced a story of Blessed Andrew of Phu Yen. He is known as the “Protomartyr of Vietnam.” 


nha tho mang lang phu yen 13

The small basement located deep inside a hill



Relics about Blessed Andrew’s life


Distinguishing architecture, captivated design are all we can say about this landmark. The ancient Mang Lang Church has been there for more than 120 years and witnessed many changes of this tranquil land, many ups and downs of Phu Yen people.



Reminiscences about Mang Lang Church’s history


Traveling to Phu Yen and visiting Mang Lang Church to feel the traces of time marked on the architecture. The past seems to be appeared on each walls, doors, or even on stony stairs. The wall textured with moss like a challenge of time. The traces of time express through each architectural feature


nha tho mang lang phu yen 1


Come to visit Mang Lang Church to feel the overflowing vitality of Phu Yen today. Being hidden among the verdure of breadfruit trees, overcoming the fluctuation of time and space, Mang Lang still remain a majestic beauty, which makes people desire to visit once during Phu Yen journey.




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