The Charisma of Mon Beach (Bai Mon) in Phu Yen


Mon Beach (Bãi Môn) is located in Dong Be village, Hoa Tam Commune, Dong Hoa District, Phu Yen Province. The total length of the beach is shorter than half of a kilometer, however, it is in the list of the National Landmarks. At the Mon Beach, you can have a chance to catch the first rays of the new day’s sun. The area still remains its untouched shapes and looks pristine since it has not been affected by tourism.




Mon Beach has been commonly known for ages. However, it has almost never been appeared in the tours of travel agencies. The reason is that there are no touristic services at all, from eating places to accommodations. Despite that fact, anyone who have ever visited the Mon beach definitely cannot help falling in love with the wildness and beauty of this small and pretty beach. 




The beach is only 400 meters long, surrounded by two mountains, which altogether forms an arch. Along the foothills are craggy rocks, which jut out to the sea. When the wave roll upon the shore, it will create an eddy water before bringing everything when it roll out to the sea. Even it is dangerous like that, the locals here or the sea lovers still get used to those waves and learn how far from the shore that they can go to keep them safe.




Mon Beach possesses a perfectly fine sand. To get in the beach, tourists have to walk for about 1 kilometer through small sand dunes. Those undulating sand dunes were formed by the sea breezes blowing and they constantly change shapes whenever there are strong winds blow through.




However, Mon Beach is finely flat and spacious. Because there is no people living here and it is not even a place for vessels to moor, the beach area still remains its pristine charm. From about 8 a.m, groups of people begin to appear. They walk along the reefs to finds suitable places for fishing. During the weekend, more people pour in here, however, they are mainly local people from Tuy Hoa and other surrounding areas. Sometimes, there are guests from Khanh Hoa as well. It is hardly to find tourists here. There are just few times that people could see several wanderlusts making their discovery and taking photos in only one day and left after that. Normally, the Mon Beach looks like a deserted place. The sea lovers usually come here for camping. They are ready to prepare food themselves instead of choosing another touristic beaches, where they can find bounteous and convenient services. Visiting Mon Beach, tourists will truly perceive how fascinating and beautiful it is.




Especially, the ravishing experience that you can have in Mon Beach – Phu Yen province is that you will catch the sunrise moment earlier compared to other beaches on Vietnam’s mainland because it lies below the Nui Den foothill – the easternmost of Vietnam. After 4 a.m, the sun starts to rise gradually from Mon Beach.




From 5 a.m, you will catch the first sunshine rays of the day. Because the dawn comes early in the morning, tourists cannot lazily stay on beds for too long. The period between dark and sunrise always is always captivating because it is the most glamorous moment of the sea. The whole sky blushes before turning bright completely. This is the time for best pictures. Therefore, you should switch on your cameras and prepare to welcome that moment.




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